Star Treatment
Bondage video starring buxom blonde Tanya Danielle!
Rigging by Jon Woods - Videography by Lorelei

Tanya Danielle gagged wearing glasses Tanya's shirt is cut open with the knife

Tanya is threatened with a knife

Chair tie

Elbow bondage

Hand over mouth! Tanya Danielle is ballgagged

Here we have a famous actress -- a beautiful busty blonde who stars in a horror-movie franchise.  In one of her best roles, she plays a bespectacled secretary beset by a skull-masked fiend, who binds and gags her and cuts her clothes off with a knife.  Soon afterward, the horror genre intrudes on her real life!  A hooded intruder sneaks in, rudely awakening her with his hand over her mouth.  He ties her up, commands her to undress at gunpoint, ties her up some more, forces her into her bedroom and ties her up buck naked!


Ballgagged again

Crotchrope on bare puss


Stuffing and cleave-gag

"Woe is me!"


Tanya's naturally passive, so after her initial struggles, she submits mournfully to her fate.  Almost the entire video consists of on-screen tying and on-screen gag application.  The program closes with several funny bloopers, such as spaghetti-ropes getting hopelessly tangled and Tanya's belt getting stuck during the forced-strip sequence.

Program includes: hand-over-mouth, mouth-stuffing, on-screen gagging, on-screen tying, knife threat, cutting clothes off, elbow-bondage, gun threat, stripping to lingerie, leg bondage, crotchrope, full nudity, happy ending, outtakes.  60 minutes total.

Frogtie becomes a tight barefoot hogtie

Bondage Outtakes and Bloopers

Tanya Danielle laughs it up







Explicit nudity has been airbrushed off the above sample vidcaps. Streaming Date of Production June 8, 2001.  Copyright (c)2001 Open Mind Media, Inc.  This material is for viewing by adults only.  Do not allow this material to be accessed by minors.  All performers in this program are 18 years of age or older.  Records for this program and associated images:  Custodian of Records: see entry page of this site.